Florence Travel Guide: free things to do

There are many invaluable things in Florence and some of them even come at no cost. For this reason, we visit the beautiful Italian city through free proposals with which to see, hear, touch, taste and smell without spending money.

Florence is an ideal city to explore on foot . This allows you to get lost in its streets and squares and soak up all that beauty and artistic exuberance that the Tuscan capitalpossesses, the same one that Stendhal was dazzled by centuries ago.

Free ‘Tours’ in Florence

To delight in its attractions (without having to fall into Stendhal syndrome) and, incidentally, make an introduction to the main sites of Florence , nothing better than signing up for a free guided tour . Every day there are twoscheduled departures, one in the morning (Renaissance Tour) and one in the afternoon (Medici Tour), to which any traveler who wants can join without the need for a reservation. It is enough to show up at the chosen time and at the starting point.

The morning ‘tour’ departs at 10 am from Santa Maria Novella and over the course of 2 hours the center of Florence is explored and ends in front of the Basilica of Santa Croce . The afternoon one leaves at 3 pm from Santa Maria Novella, too, and passes by the Palazzo Medici, the Palazzo Vecchio , the Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Pitti while a guide tells certain curiosities and part of the history that surrounds these enclaves.

The markets of always

When it comes to shopping in Florence , the essence is in the markets. To see and feel them, no expense is necessary Now, important notice, it is almost impossible to resist your local product. Here are a few not to be missed:

  • The Mercato di San Lorenzo is a classic in the city open from Wednesday to Sunday. Its central location, next to the Duomo , may lead you to think that it is an exclusively tourist enclave, but this is not the case, since locals come to it every day to buy fresh products.
  • Located in Piazza dei Ciompi (in the Santa Croce area ), the Mercato delle Pulci offers antiques and unique pieces of Florentine crafts. Open every day, the show increases on the last Sunday of each month when other stalls are added along the adjoining streets. 
  • Open every Tuesday morning in the Parco delle Cascine, in the Mercato delle Cascine you can find practically everything. It is worth visiting it, feeling the atmosphere and getting lost in the park, the largest in Florence and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in the city.

Sacred jewels in Florence

  • The majority of churches in Florencehave access free . This is also the case of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore , better known as the Duomo (not, instead, the museum, the baptistery, the bell tower or the dome that do require entry ). Of course, what one does not get rid of is the queues. So as expected, nothing like spending time observing its attractive white and green marble facade .
  • Another church that deserves special attention is the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella , one of the most attractive in the city. Although the entrance to the church is not free, it is the access to a jewel located in the same complex as the Santa María Novella Pharmacy , one of the oldest in the world that, founded by the Dominican friars in 1221, cultivated herbs medicinals to prepare medicines. A practice that they maintain today with drugs, cosmetics and liquors.

Florence and the Arno river

  • A good plan for the evening and as the culmination of a long day touring the cradle of the Renaissance, is to stroll through the lungarni (the streets that surround the river course) watching the sun go down on the banks of the Arno.
  • Addendum for summer dates: drop by the “beach” of Florence . It is the well-known Spiaggia sull’Arno and it is an extension of land next to the Arno that during the hottest time of year brings the beach to the center of the citywith a beach bar, cocktails, sun loungers and DJ sessions.
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