The 7 best nude beaches to take off your clothes

nude beach is one of the most popular options for experiencing social nudism. Being an upward trend, driven mainly by the younger generations and inspired by accommodation websites like Naturist BnB , we have asked some expert naturists which beaches in the world they would recommend for practicing nudism for the first time.

1. Beaches of Tayrona National Natural Park , Colombia

For many curious Colombians and also many independent travelers and backpackers, it was their first nude experience.

2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver , Canada

“ The best nudist beach is the one closest to you; but of all the ones I have visited, Wreck Beach is the one that is in the most beautiful place, and it is not difficult to access, you can get there by car. It is also the oldest official nude beach in Canada. 

3. Point Addis, Victoria, Australia

“This was my first nude beach. I ended up meeting the regular users and becoming one of them. Here I have enjoyed all kinds of activities naked, from sunbathing to playing Frisbee , yoga and swimming. Before, when I lived in Victoria, this was the beach I always went to … during the Australian summer, of course, because the water temperature drops in winter and then it gets a little cold. It is on the road to the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne , so the scenery is simply spectacular, with beautiful steep cliffs and lovely people. There are men and women on the beach, and more and more young people go. ” 

4. Sovinje, Croatia

“ Sovinje is a fabulous nudist beach located in the nudist campsite of the largest settlement in Pašman. On the promenade there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops. It is a sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and during the day there is a lot of shade. The sea is incredibly clean and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, rowing, or having fun and cooling off. ”

5. Black’s Beach, California , USA

“Our favorite – and only – nude beach in Southern California is Black’s Beach in San Diego. It is well sheltered by the Torrey Pines cliffs and is half a mile down a steep flight of stairs, which helps deter some peepers. It is also close to the University of San Diego, and that attracts young people in the summer months. 

6. Samurai Beach, New South Wales, Australia

“The first time I came here I was amazed by the beauty of this very pure beach. It was quite remote, but it was not neglected. There were a lot of families with children playing in the sand, plus some fishermen and surfers. With a bit of luck, if you have an SUV, you can drive to the beach and organize a nude barbecue. I know some strip clubs in the Newcastle area get together once a year to host games here on the beach. “

7. Zandvoort Beach, The Netherlands

“In the Netherlands there is a pretty open mind with naturism and a lot of places to practice nudism. But Zandvoort beach is special to me, because it is where every year we celebrate the morning nude bath on New Year’s Day. That day a lot of people come to bathe, no matter how cold the water is. “

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